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2020 has been a year with a lot of faces.
Mostly not very good, but also happy smiles.

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.
Thats a quote I got familiar with in an early age. And thats been our mantra throughout this year.

When I was in Toronto the season in NHL was postponed. I doubted a few days ahead of my travel to my favourite city in the whole world, but took a decision to go. The virus was known, but not fame.
There and then, I could not even guess what kind of year that was waiting.

It has really been a rollercoaster year.
You can either go with the flow or start complain about parts in life.
We started to do the first.

2020 has been a phenomenal year for us as a company.
We grew with about 60 %.
We establish a new department in Finland, where we have a GREAT leader of the company. Thanks Antsa.
We recruited a lot of great talents.
We signed a lot of great deals.
We had he best D man in the WJC.
We have 4 players on the WJC squad this year.
We kept being a family.

2021 is ahead of us.
We are looking forward to a different year with a lot of challenges, but fun such.

I would like to thank all the clients and their families, partners, friends and other people we been dealing with during this crazy year.
We know that we are doing right things in the right direction and hopefully we keep being lucky during 2021…

/Micke Rosell
Partner and Agent