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Emil Andrae and Zion Nybeck have both signed 3-year contract extensions with HV71.

”Both Zion and Emil are two great talents who are facing an exciting hockey future. They have already shown proof of their skill in our men’s team both last season and this season. These are fantastic guys to work with and they have a great desire to develop both as individually and as a team,” said HV71 GM Johan Hult in a press release published on the team’s website.

To read more: https://www.hv71.se/article/oo64akfi6-3iaijd/hv71-forlanger-med-nybeck-och-andrae?fbclid=IwAR3sBGw-JGclLdcJAFUKIOxa52OSZZJcvWJ7yYotpALOsrIBLfUwhpyVGEE

Hear what the two 18-year-olds had to say about their extension:

Photo: Johan Freijd