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Emil Andrae and Zion Nybeck are taking the climb from HV71 J20 to the men’s team this upcoming season.

”Two great talents who have already shown this year that they are mature and ready for [A-team] games,” says Johan Hult, head of sports at HV71, in an article posted on the club’s official website.

To Read More: https://www.hv71.se/article/4e3kak88r-3iaijd/zion-nybeck-och-emil-andrae-flyttas-upp-i-herrlaget?fbclid=IwAR28Cr9JjTzGRIX_FkiVR_xCzJgB98eoVVHi9OiTszlTJI3VssCUGxUJezg

Photo: hv71.se